Esprique and Visee Love ❤.

Posted on 09/06/2011


…some may love collecting stamps, games or beautiful pens, others may love collecting sunnies, bags, clothes or shoes. but i love collecting make up 

Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes A-1 and A-4
A-1 and A-4 appears to look different on the palette, however, when applied, the colours are very similar where one is lighter than the other.

A-1/A-4 See what i mean?

I guess my main purpose for buying these colours was for everyday use at work, nothing to heavy. Recently i like wearing light colours because i’ve been sleeping at odd hours and my dark circles are more obvious than before haha. So pwetty and glittery ^^

The packaging is black in colour with medium diamond patterns, however, i’d prefer the Esprique Precious packaging more with the pretty diamontes ^^

Visee Feat Aula Aila Glam Shade Eyes Limited Edition BR-9 Gypsy Gold
How pretty are the colours and packaging? i want to get the BR-10 Nostalgic Bronze now ><

It blends really well and really good for everyday use if your in a mood for darker colours but not too dark.

Visit Mimi’s post for a better review.

I think my favourite eyeshadow colours are gold and brown, i have so many of these with different shades^^

Rohto Lycée Cool 40a and Lycée UV Care
Lately, my eyes have been really itchy, inflammed and quite dry which causes so much pain when wearing contacts, that’s why you’ll see me wearing glasses more often at work when you guys visit. By the time i take my contacts out my eyes are already super red. i never had this problem before only started a few months ago. i have trouble wearing the enlargement colour contacts which i can only wear for like 5 minutes now **heart broken**

I read some reviews on and Rohto Lycée is highly recommended which helps relieve eye inflammation. So I’m giving it a go now. It does relieve my eyes much better than the pharmacy droplet capsules ones (Not worth it as well). Only thing i need to get used to is the mint “refreshness” after a few seconds once used.

Adam Beauty ran out of the contacts version when i wanted to get it, i’ll buy that next time when i want more pretty things :)

My “mini” make up collection so far

Today, my colleagues at work saw Mimi dropping off my goodies and got super excited compared to myself hahaha ==”
Then they asked me how much makeup i have…then i went….ummm….
Here’s a quick glimpse of my main drawer,
I have another drawer of the same size with skin care, masks and  unused makeup,
And another of other random make up/skin care stuff which i don’t think i’ll ever use…*sigh* such a waste
so yeah…only a few compared to other people :)
oh the makeup divider was given to me as a christmas gift from mimi poo as well ^^